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Get Your Customised SMP

SMP for Men

Customized Hairline That Suits You

Individuals seeking to have their existing hairline brought forward can expect to have great results using SMP.  Both soft and define-looking hairline are achievable with SMP to correct the receding hairline. 

Add Volume to Thinning Hair

SMP is a popular choice amongst many men to address the issue of hair thinning. During the procedure, tens of thousands of pigments in the form of micro-sized dots are being deposited onto the scalp to create a fuller hair look. It will also help to take away the 'shine' that often appears with the thinning spot.

Get the Buzz Cut Look and Look Younger!

If your hair loss issue is getting severe, you can also consider getting the buzz cut look. The best thing with this option is that people won't be able to tell you have hair loss at all! And with the recreation of hairline, we can bring it down as low as possible - BUT at the same time making sure that it looks natural, and you will look 10 years younger instantly!


Men SMP_edited.jpg

SMP for Women

Female SMP_edited.jpg

Fix Wide Parting with SMP

SMP is the perfect solution for this. Having thinning on the crown area that eventually leads to a 'Wide Part' is not  an uncommon issue amongst women. This can happen with age, postpartum, stress, menopause etc. Women who are born with very thin and fine hair also face the same issue. 

Get Lower Hairline and Fill Bald Spot at the Sides

Many women are born having less hair at the sides of their temple compared to the rest of their harline. The bald spots can look very obvious when they tie their hair up making them feel insecured about how they look. SMP can add density to these spot also make your forehead looks 'smaller.'

Camouflage that Empty Spot

Using SMP,  we can camouflage that alopecia/ birthmark completely. If the alopecia goes on and progress into a bigger patch, we can always add more SMP to help cover it up.

Scars from FUT/ FUE Hair Transplant, Face Lift Etc.

Hair does not grow on scars and it is simply because there is no hair follicles in a scar tissue. Therefore, SMP is the only option to camouflage scars and gives a natural looking finish. 


SMP for Alopecia, Scars and Birthmarks 

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