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About SMP
(Scalp Micropigmentation)

SMP is an age-old, mature technique that has been used on ten of thousands on people worldwide  to combat the issue of hair loss and restore their confidence. 


SMP was first developed by  Dr. Alvaro C. Tranquina at the Hair Transplant Clinic of Sacramento in the early 1990’s. The first SMP clinic was created in 2002 and it has been a popular hair loss solution throughout the world especially in the US, UK and Australia. 

Although it is unheard of by many Singaporeans, you can be assured that this technique that is used on the scalp is actually much more mature than the eyebrow embroidery that you see nowadays.

Why SMP for Hair Loss?

What to expect during the SMP Procedure?

During the actual Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) procedure, ten of thousands of micro-sized pigments in the form of dots will be deposited onto the surface layer of the skin - dermis. The pigment, and cartridge size will be selected to match the customer's needs. The tiny dots of pigment will be implemented into the area of the scalp where re-densifying is needed, the artist will usually make 2 passes over these areas. 

There should not be any pain during the procedure, but you might experience a very low level of discomfort from the vibration of the SMP tool used which is completely bearable. In any case if the customer feel actual pain, let the SMP technician know and numbing gel can be applied.

After the SMP procedure is done, the SMP artist will use disinfectant soap and distilled water to clean off the residue ink left in the hair and the scalp. There won't be any bleeding, swelling or scabbing after SMP. For some people with very sensitive scalp, they might have mild redness that will go away within 3 hours and no medication is needed afterwards. 

For more questions about what to do/ not to do pre and post SMP, head to our FAQ page.

About Us - SMP Singapore

SMP Singapore is lead by our founder - Artist Erica LEE who is passionate about helping people to restore their confidence on how they look with the Art of SMP.

Erica was previously trained in the allied health industry in the United Kingdom and lived there for 10 years before coming to Singapore. She has always been a person of Art and was thrilled when she discovered how the Pointillism Art in the form of Scalp Micropigmentation is able to give Life-Changing results to many who have been stressed and put down because of their hair loss problems. She then decided to give up her career in the corporate world and left to become an SMP Artist - which she finds to be a rather meaningful work for her where she helps to transform lives with her hands and work. Erica is trained by an American Artist who currently runs two SMP clinics in Florida, America. 

Erica is now the only SMP Artist in local Singapore that uses the American technique and equipment to make the best SMP for her clients. She believes in natural-looking results that are undetectable, that make people forget about their hair loss.

Click here to see Erica's work.




Get Your Confidence Back

Forget about the hair loss stress. Get SMP today and have your confidence restored. Ready to look good?

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